Elizabeth Y. – Owner/Instructor

Elizabeth’s love of yoga began in 2010 when a co-worker asked her to try hot yoga.  An avid runner at the time, Elizabeth was beginning to experience severe discomfort and pain in her knees.  Soon after she began yoga, much of the knee pain began to disappear!  The more consistent she was, the more she saw the results.  Once she began to feel the emotional effects such as increased confidence, patience, forgiveness, presence, peace and joy, she KNEW she had to share yoga with others!

Elizabeth left her career as an editor in 2012 to teach yoga full-time.  She’s never looked back.  Practicing yoga and TEACHING yoga give her a unique fulfillment and sense of serving her community.  Her goals with AyurBala Yoga are keeping it 1) affordable, 2) community-based and 3) holistic.

In her personal time, Elizabeth still enjoys running, WODding it out (wink wink – CrossFit), reading and spending time with her amazing family.  Wait.  Those were her hobbies PRIOR to June 2017.  Since June, all she does is study 😉 – doing her best as she completes her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She says she doesn’t want the degree for herself – she wants the KNOWLEDGE so she can really help her students and community feel their best and live life to the fullest!

Alex P. – Instructor

Alexandra Padilla was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After high school, Alexandra decided to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado to pursue her bac18789273_10209540013833492_1603978562_ohelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Colorado Springs. In college, her friend dragged her to a yoga class and she absolutely fell in love with it. As a poor college student, Alex was able to find a donation based studio, Cambio yoga, to keep practicing yoga.

Eventually, Alex noticed that not only was it great exercise it also kept her sane and kept her mind, body, and spirit healthy. After receiving her bachelors in Philosophy, she decided to pursue her love of yoga and got her 200 hour certificate for Vinyasa flow at Cambio Yoga. “The teacher training was exactly what I needed at that time and was incredibly transformative, it completely changed my life.” After teacher training she began teaching yoga at Cambio, YMCA, as well as started her own business doing Brewery Yoga throughout Colorado.

Recently, she decided to move back to her hometown, Albuquerque, where she continues her yoga practice and teaching.  Alexandra’s classes are challenging and vigorous, while also creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to study and practice yoga.  She also incorporates many aspects of yoga philosophy throughout her class. When not teaching or doing yoga, Alex loves to hike, rock climb, dance, and play with her cat, Minnie.

“Alex is my right-hand woman.  She’s responsible, caring and understands yoga is not just exercise – it’s a lifestyle.  Alex LIVES that lifestyle.  Her classes address the whole body and she has a great yoga voice – soothing yet powerful. I am so lucky to have Alex!” – Elizabeth, AyurBala Yoga


Jason Candelaria – Instructor

Guru Jason

Jason’s yogic path has been a windy road which started back in 2006 on a doctor’s recommendation.  With frequent trips to Hatha and Bikram classes, the increased core strength and flexibility allowed him to avoid back surgery.  His newfound health and pain relief encouraged him to continue his journey towards WOD addiction and a couple of CrossFit certifications.

However, nagging injuries and desire for increase mobility lead him back to yoga and Jason eventually headed to India to complete a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

 While living abroad, Jason was co-founder and coach for a nonprofit gym that focused on providing high quality, low-cost wellness services to the community.  He gained great experience in learning to keep people motivated and inspired, while educating them on healthier lifestyles.  He hopes to use his experience to continue to provide affordable high quality services to his home town of Albuquerque.